Saturday, August 17, 2013

Drama Curtains!

Okay-- there was actually no drama putting these curtains up, but I was hoping they might add a "dramatic" touch to the kitchen, which I may or may not have achieved. I guess it depends on whether you'll willing to attribute "drama" to curtains, which John, I can tell you, is not.

Regardless of his cynicism, the drapes are up, and they look terrific. I picked them up last weekend at the good ol' IKEA, and hemmed-and-hawwed about putting them up. I already had the curtain rod, so that aspect didn't seem like much of a commitment. And BOOM! There they are. I decided to hang the curtains high to emphasize the height of the room, but also because it happened to work perfectly with length of the IKEA curtains I chose. Perfect, two-fold.

The plan is that during the summer, these curtains just serve as a nice decorative element to enliven the kitchen a little, and then-- come winter (aka. brick nickels) -- we'll be able to pull them closed and they'll serve as a "interior vestibule" as we come and go through the french doors. Okay, I say we, but mainly we're talking about John going to and from the grill, because I pretty much don't go outside during the winter. I'm that kind of gal. : ) 

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