Monday, August 12, 2013

I know it seems like my posts having been getting fewer and farther between lately, but I've been wicked busy! I know you guys know-- because I never stop mentioning it-- but seriously-- it's been beyond nuts in the last few weeks.

We did the move out of the barn, like I mentioned in my last post; prevailed over the move out of my old office, which I've also mentioned; moved Julian's bedroom into my home office and moved my home office into Julian's bedroom, which seemed like a good idea but turned into a logistical nightmare; and we still haven't gotten the office-office sorted out at all. Aside from piling all of my materials and samples into the room and locking the door. (Do you remember that my new office is across the hall from my apartment? At least that is still a sweet deal!)

So that's on the to-do list. Which is long. Like loooooonnnnnggggg.

I'm trying not to get bogged down by thinking too "big picture", which essentially means not going to the entire upstairs portion of our country house ever, because if you go up there, the to-do list is so epic, so whoppingly prolific that you'll just throw in the towel and sit in a dust pile weeping. No use doin' that, so I've decided I'm just going to avoid it all together until I've got some more time to roll up my sleeves. Which might not be for a while it seems...

With that new attitude in mind, I decided to devote a little bit of time to hanging art work up in the country, so it would feel a little more settled in and permanent. Originally I'd been hesitant to hang anything up because the room arrangements felt so temporary... Like, did it really make sense to hang our bedroom art work up in our bedroom, if eventually we'd move our bedroom upstairs and that room would become what it was supposed to be-- the dining room? And likewise, did it really make sense to hang all of my "creepy ancestor portraits" up in the living room, when I was pretty sure that eventually I wanted to hang them in the dining room, but was POSITIVE I didn't want them hanging in the dining room while it was still our bedroom. (How weird would it be to wake up to those people looking at you every morning?!?!)

And then I said, "F-it." I know how to spackle. I know how to paint. I'll spackle and paint when the time comes and I have to move those pictures. In the meantime, let's live in the house, the way it is, NOW, and deal with later, later. And so-- I hung up art.

Yes. This dude does look EXACTLY like Tom Hanks.

Big old sign I found at an abandoned house that was once a boarding house.
Now happily at home in our kitchen. 

And lots of it!

Emily also pointed out that the most recent cover of Elle Decor (Sept 2013) seems to be channelling a similar aesthetic of creepy-looking ancestors set against an airy and bright backdrop. Check this out!

Evidently I'm not alone in my enthusiasm for these folks, or my enthusiasm for Benjamin Moore's Healing Aloe

Next weekend I'm going to hang up the last of the artwork for Julian's bedroom, and then I'll post those additions too. Things are coming along up there! Slowly but surely. Mostly slowly.

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