Monday, March 17, 2014

Crafty, crafty, crafty.

10-minute weeknight upholstery project victory! 

A last minute project I squeezed in on Sunday night: Julian managed to smear "something icky" on one of the pull-up chairs in our living room, and after a couple of failed attempts at cleaning it, I seized the moment and decided to recover the bugger. (The chair, not the baby.) You can still see the remnants of the stain if you look closely at the photo on the left.

Me vs. that baby...

This was a straight forward, super-easy fix: I happened to have a big piece of this navy-and-white broad stripe, and I was looking for a "right-now" solution, so it was just what the doctor ordered. Literally 10 minutes and one staple-gun session later, my pull-up chair was revitalized and my son's transgressions forgiven.

Until next time... 

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