Saturday, June 27, 2015

And the beat goes on...

Make no mistake. That wasn't the end of my fascist reign over our Father's Day weekend. Oooohhhh noooooo. We have a lot to do, and by gum! It's gonna git dun! 

So in between hanging sheets of wallpaper, John and I continued the seemingly endless battle against the paneling in our attic. My god, people. There is a surprising amount of wall up there! I mean, really. It's deceiving actually. You'd never guess there is SO MUCH wall up there, given that it's all so slant-y. The walls look small, but SMACK-O. Once you get to the top, there's still like 8-0 feet of paneling, even in the smallest spots. This is not made faster by the fact that we're tackling the electrical situation simultaneously, because I'll tell you what I DON'T want to do: Panel the whole frigging attic and then say, "Darn. I wish there was an outlet here." 

No thanks. 

That said, we're a little bit dunce-y in the electrical department, mainly because we're installing two way switches, which will be connected to two lights, and controlled both up in the attic and down at the bottom of the attic stairs. All of that requires a considerable amount of wire as well as a good amount of head-scratching. "Wait. This wire will lead from the power, to the switch, to the light, to the other light, to the other switch? And then this switch will lead back past everything directly to the power? Or wait... What???" And then both of our heads simultaneously explode. 


So-- that's not helping to move the process along obviously-- especially the brain explosion part-- and lest ye forget- we've still got to paint that baby once it's all paneled. But, we've made a blood oath that well rent a paint sprayer for that unholy task, so at least there's that! 


This weekend we're taking off for some fun in the searing sun--visiting friends in Texas-- but fear not, we'll be back on the job fast and furiously next week. I'm determined to get the inside of this house finished soon, so I can finally enjoy some of the summer!! 

Hope you're all doing the same! 

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