Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Confession: It was a trap.

Okay. I confess. I used my blog for evil.

When I saw the unbelievably cute tassel curtains from Serena & Lily that I blogged about last week, my first thought was, "Those are so cute", followed closely by, "Holy cow. $98.00 per panel. I could probably make those", followed closely by, "But it would almost certainly be miserable and likely make me cry. Maybe I could bait Mummy into making them?"

So-- like the evil D-I-Y-er that I am, I blogged about them.

I knew that if I blogged about them, that she would read the blog, see the curtains, and think, "We can make those." I set this trap because my mother is considerably more skilled on the sewing machine than I am.

My sewing endeavors tend to involve tears. They usually end in success, but first, they involve tears. And a good amount of swearing. Hard to believe, I know, but true story.

Literally 15 minutes after I posted the blog, I received this email:

Pretty sure this is an appropriate time for the phrase, "Hook! Line! And Sinker!" 
Now I just have to track down some basic white drapes and the right color tassel trim, and we're in business. 

It is so awesome to have a mother who is skilled at sewing AND a willing participant in home renovation projects! Score. 

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  1. I did something similar in my daughters bedroom but totally cheated since I have no sewing skills. Used black out panels from walmart and glued pom pom fringe to the edges. Couldn't justify the price tag either but love the look!