Monday, October 7, 2013

Serena & Lily Knock-Off Curtains: Check!

I just received photos of my knock-off Serena & Lily drapes from Mummy--- they look beyond awesome--- and cost a fraction of what S & L are charging. Sweet! 

Their version... $98.00, per panel.
My version... $27.00, per panel.

We bought the drapery from IKEA ($24.99 per pair, X 2), and then picked up the tassel trim on Ebay. Total cost came to $105.00, altogether, for all four panels. Considering the Serena & Lily panels clock in at $98.00/per panel, $105.00 for all 4 seems like a totally rad deal! 

Gorgeous! Now I can't wait to get back to New York and start hanging those bad boys up. 

They're going to look fabulous upstate!! 

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